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"There were so many big shifts and wins working with Kylie. The absolute biggest was merging my many identities into one whole version of me. AND feeling confident showing up as her every damn day. I started showing up more consistently and not because I “had to” but because I wanted to. I felt secure in what I had to share and confident that I knew how to deliver it. I had to work on trusting that consistently and still do. But QV gave me the foundation to do that!

Kylie creates such an inviting space for you to feel safer being vulnerable and to work through that vulnerability. She is supportive and encouraging and consistently showing you you already have the answers. She also takes on a mentorship role as well in sharing her experiences and intuitive gifts/divine messages she receives about my path. " 

- Jacqueline Elizabeth, Intuitive Life + Business Coach 

The Money Manifesto Bundle

A 6-month exclusive mastermind for coaches who are ready to scale to 6 figures, building their legacy aligning their business with human design, quantum energetics, conscious leadership mindset & expert scaling business strategies.

Limitless Wealth by Design
6 Week Group Program

Aligning your sales and marketing by your human design.

Knowing you can manifest your deepest money desires without any hesitation. 

Coming back home to your natural ability to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life and business.


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Human Design Reading

Just dipping your toes into the world of Human Design, and not sure where to start? Access your own unique human design blueprint and guide here. 

This reading includes a full human design report + full video feedback on personalised questions for life or business. 

Human Design

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