The 6-Week Program for female entrepreneurs who are ready to align their sales, marketing and money manifestation by their human design & quantum energy techniques.
For the woman who is ready to play in the energy of her profits. 

You feel like there is so much more depth missing to your messaging in the online space - it feels like it's falling on death ears

You learnt the sales & marketing strategies, but your soul is craving more connection towards your community

You're tired of hustling to sell - you want to experience quantum leaps in your income, you crave to manifest money with more ease

And you've dipped your toes into *some* human design, but feeling ready to align more of your sales & money magic with it

and you deeply know, you are ready to experience immense expansion in your income 

You truly desire:

More alignment in your sales and launching process

Marketing that magnetises soulmate clients - no questions asked

A deep understanding of where your superpower lies in your human design to enhance your profits

Money manifestations rituals + techniques that leave your bank account growing and your aura glowing

Let me guess:

There's a lot of talk about quantum leaping your income  in the online space, but not enough in-depth guidance on how to really achieve it. It's been so mislead in fact, that many of my clients come to me thinking they have to be a business coach to experience 6 figure months - how bizarre. 
Truth is, we all have access to the same abundant wealth the universe provides, you just have your own unique way of accessing it.
The way you sell and manifest money will look different to your biz bestie, millionaire inspiration or business coach, because your aura has its own unique calibration. Your aura is where your marketing magnetism lies, your aura is where your profit potency is accessed.

Through human design, your aura, we can tap into this calibration to open up your reality to high profit months, pleasure and play, marketing that turns you on and manifestation that leaves your body tingling for more.    

This is where human design comes into play, supercharged with quantum healing - because knowing your human design means sh*t if you can't heal & decondition from old patterns of behaviour.

Here's the missing link: 

Wondering what's


So you can expand your money magnetism and sales:

3x group coaching calls + 3 group energy healing sessions

Private Limitless by Design training portal with trainings + bonus materials

A private Limitless Wealth by Design Exclusive Members Group for daily support as you need

Done for you manifestation, sales + launching trackers to use according to your human design 

Limitless Wealth by Design

is for your next level income expansion

Weekly assessments & reviews by Kylie to ensure that you are both applying and truly embodying your human design & 5D energy expansion in your business

When I started my business, every launch or influx of income was followed by a season of burn-out, anxiety and hustle to try and keep up with the goals and standards I had set for myself. Of course, with all the #bossbabe quotes drowning the internet, I thought I was always "doing it right" when sales felt like hard work had to be done. As if I was entitled to celebrate a victory for closing a deal (how stressful?!). I became obsessed with the perfect caption, the seamless marketing plans and staying up to date with the latest sales trends online; that I had slowly started losing my own unique essence and pleasure in my business.

At one stage I still said to my husband: "I would rather work for someone else than sell another day in my life" 

That's when I knew I had to come back to my truth: who am I at my core, and how does that create magnetism within my business? 

Now, I absolutely love to sell. My business is constantly making money regardless of the amount of hours I work or where I am, because my marketing and sales process has become intentional, unleashed in my 5D power, and aligned my human design. 


I am ready to become limitless

Limitless wealth by design is a 6 week intensive program, here to not only teach you how to collapse timelines around your sales, but align your next high income month by your design

say no more I'm in!

"Working with Kylie has 4x my income to receive 6 figures every month!"

Kylie has been incredible at teaching me how to create content that converts!. Working with Kylie has 4x my income to receive 6 figures every month! I could not be more grateful and honoured to have a coach who supports you and teaches you everything she knows.

Client Success

Open yourself up to the process of working with Kylie - your heart will thank you later!

"My money mindset changed dramatically! I let go of a lot of running my business with masculine energy and created a few new offers too!
My business is officially more than halfway to 6 figures!" 

- Kyala Clegg, Wellness Coach

After some weeks I completely revamped my 1:1 program and people reached out to me right after I launched it. I even signed a new client at my new 1:1 price!

Working with Kylie was great. She took time to understand our struggles and posed great questions to help us get unstuck. She showed us how we can reach our goals faster and shared personal stories to motivate us.

If you're waiting for a sign to join a coaching program – here it is. I've worked already with several coaches but had rarely so much fun and successful as working with Kylie. This was one of (if not the best) investments I did for myself and my business."

- Olga Boavida, Business & Mindset Coach 

Are you ready to surrender to expanding into greater impact and income? 

Limitless Wealth by Design is not just your average sales & marketing program. 

It's your ticket to learning 5D expansion. I've been a high ticket closer for businesses coaches internationally, been known as the sales and marketing queen, and have been taught by some of the greatest sales & manifestation guru's out there. 

And in true Manifesting Generator style, I am here to flip to script and help indoctrinate a new style of marketing, sales and money manifestation that truly shifts the online industry as we know it. 


So excited 

to meet you!

Hi gorgeous soul! My name is Kylie Nel, and I am a Business & Energy Coach.

I am obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs activate their infinite potential, so they can live a life filled with passion, purpose, and profit. 

Join me in my world we explore living in the quantum reality now as I harness tools from human design, quantum healing, chakra and crystal healing, quantum reiki, and intuitive marketing paired with soulful sales techniques. 

All on social media, as we have FUN, FLOW and FREEDOM. 

I can't wait to experience this with you. 

All my love, 


Have anymore


So you can expand your money magnetism and sales:

Do I  need to be advanced in Human Design to join? No, I have specially designed this program that both beginners and advanced will benefit greatly from this space. 

When does Limitless Wealth by Design start? We officially start 1 June with coaching, you will gain access to the training portal 31 May. 

How much support will I receive? You will have access to Kylie via the member's group to ask questions and coaching calls - she is ready to hold space for your next level expansion.

How do I know if this is the right program for me? If you currently feel like sales and marketing is more of a hustle game than anything else, or you've hit an income plateau and you're ready to break past that glass ceiling. Limitless Wealth by Design is for the woman who knows she is destined for great wealth in her business, and is ready to stand in her power and feel FREE in the message she has to share with the world, MAGNETISED & TURNED ON by her sales, and fully tuned in to her money manifesting abilities.