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A guide for female entrepreneurs on how to run their business like a CEO to attract consistent cash flow

You’ve probably realised that it’s a whole different playing field when you shift your focus from being a start-up entrepreneur versus growing your biz online.
The strategy is more unique, the mindset is different, the energy is elevated.
You feel ready to grow what started-off as a passion project, to a full time, freedom-filled business that fulfils you to the core of your soul. 
You’ve had a few clients here and there, but crave more consistency.

but here's the truth

Deep down inside you know you are not available for another copy-paste strategy, but you are feeling scared to trust your own intuition (the Million Dollar Blueprint download looks sooooo juicy?!)

You are not available for burn-out, even though you’re turning extra hours around the clock right now. 

You’re not available for a mediocre life, yet you’re feeling paralysed to share your truth and message with the world, because it calls for a whole different level of vulnerability. 

You desire to create such deep shifts within humanity right now, but you’re struggling to keep a consistent flow of clients - and when they do arrive, it still doesn't give you those full body chills you are waiting for. 

So you think to yourself: “What if I could generate wealth in my business AND keep it?”

Immediately this shifts you into a daydream of working with HELL yes clients with incredible transformations once they enter your space, seeing payment notifications on your email every single day, feeling supported by a dream team that gives your freedom to stay in your zone of genius. 
And low and behold, you have TONS of freedom, energy, and a lust for life and your biz. 
You crave consistent freedom, fulfilment and finances - without apology.

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So what’s the missing link?

After being in the online business world for nearly 7 years, with a year and a half of business coaching helping entrepreneurs scale to multi-5, 6 and even 7 figures, I soon came to realise that there are 7 Codes that either make or break successful biz owners that experience Consistent Overflow:

Client Satisfaction 

Wondering what's


So you can build the foundations in your business for consistent overflow? 

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Consistent Overflow

is for your next level you.

"When I first joined Kylie’s program, I wanted to start my journey in becoming the woman I want to be in life. I knew I needed help, guidance and support as I was struggling with control, lack of confidence in my own decision making, lack of direction and feelings of hopelessness 
During my time with Kylie I experienced my feminine energy for the first time. Getting in touch with my intuition, learning to slow down and be ok with taking a step back, learning to give myself the space I need. 
Learning to realise what energy I want around me and what energy I don’t.
I had some amazing “ah ha moments” with Kylie when I found the courage to resign and move into the next chapter of my life guilt free. 
Realising I didn’t need to be in control 24/7 and letting go of my pity party victim mentality.
I would describe working with Kylie as, AMAZING. 
If you're reading this and wondering if you should take a leap of faith with Kylie, I would love to encourage you to go in with an open mind and lay it all on the table, don’t hold back. 
Everything that you received will be with love"

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Wondering if this mini-course is for your biz? 

 This is for your if you are in the realm of...

Coaches (mindset, fitness, business, energy, intuitive, list goes on!), consultants, healers, lightworkers & anyone who is in the service-based industry who wants to scale their online business whilst making greater impact in their clients lives

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So excited 

to meet you!

Hi there my love! My name is Kylie Nel. Intuitive business mentor, dog-mom, wife and absolute spiritual guru here to help female entrepreneurs wake up to their full potential to create profitable, sustainable, sexy business online.

I am absolutely obsessed with soulful selling, intuitive marketing, human design (I’m a manifesting generator with a JUICY sacral centre), quantum healing and energy work.
When you enter my world, you may find that I am not your average business coach. Here at Kylie Nel HQ you will enter a world of infinite possibilities as I encourage you to break the rules; claim back your power and give yourself the permission slip you need to unapologetically embody your high-vibe, lux CEO self; all whilst impacting your clients lives on a much deeper level. 

My mission is to empower my clients to become the absolute best version of themselves with phenomenal results from their power activated from within. 

Here we impact millions to make millions. 

 And we don’t settle for anything less.